Ancient spirits & Future tech
Collaborative photoshoots using cutting-edge visual technologies.

We invite emerging artists and creatives to explore new possibilities with interactive media: video projection, virtual reality, music visualisation ...

You can participate as a model, photographer, musician, fashion designer.


Collaborative sessions - 2020 November & December
Join our photoshoots at our Covid-safe Brixton studio.

In the last two months of the year we are continuing our weekly shoots in Brixton. Thanks to our corporate sponsor, we can offer these sessions free of charge. If you are interested to participate or you have any questions, please contact us!

Wear your soul

Back in tribal societies everybody participated in art.
A tribe danced together, played music together and everybody decorated their own surroundings. Through art they expressed their joy and sorrow, told their stories and built a communal spirit.

With 'Tribal Future' we want to channel these ancient artistic forces via cutting-edge creative technologies. Your inspirations, your thoughts and emotions should come alive and define your space and environment. Just like tribal people weaved art into every moment of their existence.

During our collaborations we try to catch the participating artist's inner world ( style, personality, emotions ) and create a virtual space ( 3D animation ) expressing it. During a photoshoot in our studio we will project these images ( animation ) on and around their body. We put the physical body in relationship with inner feelings and beauty. Let's reclaim the outside world, and wear our soul & feelings proudly.

visuals by Webremixer


If you're interested in participating in our upcoming photoshoots,
or you just want to learn more about new creative technologies,
we wanna hear from you!

whatsapp: 07366144533